Introducing Regnan – a responsible investment pioneer

The future belongs to everyone

As finance has grown, it has come to play a more decisive role in shaping the world. Capital flows have an impact across society and the environment.

These reverberate through other parts of investors’ portfolios over time and shape future opportunities. Where it was previously seen as an “externality”, this third axis is now as intrinsic as risk and return. 

Regnan started life to help investors achieve strong three-dimensional returns and to invest in ways that make a difference to the world beyond their portfolios. We’ll continue to conduct research and provide engagement and advisory services, but by moving into sustainable and impact investing, we have begun a new chapter as a mission-driven responsible investment manager.

Regnan is a mission-driven business. We aim to make a difference by helping to create a financial system that genuinely serves society.”

Lisa Boyce, Chief Operating Officer, Regnan

From responsible investment influencer

Regnan has a long and proud heritage in engagement and advice on environmental, social and governance issues. We have produced pioneering research that has changed the way investors think about their wider responsibilities to society. And we have influenced the influencers, such as the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

We can trace our roots back to Monash University, Melbourne in 1996, when Regnan was established to investigate and address ESG-related sources of risk and value for long-term shareholders in Australian companies. Since then we have taken our ESG expertise globally.

Our team’s diverse experience in advocacy, regulation, academia and advising investment managers has enabled us to offer a range of ESG-related services through our Insight and Advisory Centre.

…to mission-driven responsible investment manager

2020 marks a new chapter in the Regnan story: a move into responsible investment management with the launch of Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions. Regnan now operates as a standalone responsible investment business within the Pendal Group. Pendal is an Australian-listed investment manager and owner of J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM).

Regnan’s focus is now on delivering innovative solutions for sustainable and impact investment, leaning on over 20 years of experience at the frontier of responsible investment, while continuing to provide engagement, advisory and research services (where regulated).

Driving positive impact and investing for a sustainable future is why we exist. We want to help make responsible investment the standard way to invest, and to make it more nuanced, intellectually robust and effective.


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Analysis of ESG issues and a stock’s value drivers through a thematic lens

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